Solar Panel  customers!
Summer is upon us, and for us  this is the time of year when we generate the majority of our power! 
panels need cleaning to maximize the benefits of sunlight!


LA , Orange and San Bernardino counties.

Fast service, Free Quotes,

Fully insured references available, owner operated.


Professional Window Cleaning

Interior and exterior, includes tracks, screens and frames

Professional Exterior Cleaning

 Store fronts, businesses, churches, 1 and 2 story homes,

walls, fences, rain gutters, entry ways,

patio furnishings, mobile homes and solar panels.

Call for free estimates 714.717.4788

Swan Solar
happy to announce that we now offer our customers a trusted partner in  Gookin& Ramirez Window washing. Who we have trained to clean your solar panels to maximize productivity!
Tristan E. Becker
Swan Solar, Sales Manager 





















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